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This April, come see PIDC President John Grady!

The Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation is a nonprofit that provides financing and real estate products to help bring businesses to Philadelphia .

Date + Time
April 30, 2014 | 12:00 PM

Temple Center City; 1515 Market Street: Philadelphia; PA 19102

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John A. Fry shared his unique vision for the transformation of Drexel's campus and Philadelphia as a whole, and the importance of building an supports strong communities.
As he began his address, he said the following about JHP:

"For over two decades, Rabbi Schmidt and his team have undertaken really the most important work imaginable - ... building communities - and they do it by bringing people together around a shared heritage and culture ...They take a wonderfully broad view of their work, extending that community across a variety of domains, like education, the arts, and business ... It's also important to note that the great work of JHP started on a college campus, and that's a point of pride for anyone like myself... [My] thanks to colleagues from JHP for your inspiration, your support, and your great work."



Our newest members: Ellen Weber, Robet Beck, Stacey Albert, Andrew Neuwirth, Steven Witten


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President of Drexel University, John A. Fry , on JHP & Philadelphia
John A. Fry shared his unique vision for the ...